Soluble Humic Acid

Our OMRI Listed organic Soluble Humic Acid is a dark black humate derived from leonardite with a 75% minimum of humate content. When applied to soils it helps break compacted soils allowing for improved water penetration. For sandy soils, our humic acid adds essential organic material necessary for water retention and enhancing the sandy soil’s ability to retain and not leach out vital plant nutrients.

Benefits include:

  • Improved nutrient uptake

  • Increased chlorophyll synthesis

  • Stimulates beneficial microbial activity

  • Healthier plants and improved yields

  • Increases root vitality

  • Frees up nutrients in soil to make them more readily available to the plant

  • and much more…

Packaging: 50 lbs. bags/boxes or 1,650 lbs. super sacks
Custom packaging for Soluble Humic Acid is available based on volume.


NOTE: We do not sell to the public. Please contact your distributor or send us an email for a distributor nearest you.

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