Super K Fulvate

Super K Fulvate is a compound made out of our traditional Fulvic Acid with the addition of potassium as K2O. Its presentation comes in a fine dark brown powder. Additionally it is 100 % soluble and stable with no occurrence of precipitation. It remarkably increases crop yield and improves the appearance of the product. When absorbed by the plants through their leaves, in foliar application, it provides added protection to the plant especially against disease and stress.

Benefits include:

  • It provides immunity to the plant against diseases and premature death

  • It helps avoid and resist stress in low temperatures

  • Regulates plant water, nutrients and sugar content

  • Strengthens the weak stems with cell deficiency

  • Aids in nitrogen intake

  • Compatible with chemical fertilizers and pesticides, however, we strongly recommend making a small compatibility test before the actual mixing of the product

  • And much moreā€¦

Packaging: 50 lbs. bags/boxes or 1,650 lbs. super sacks
Custom packaging for Super K Fulvate is based on volume.

NOTE: We do not sell to the public. Please contact your distributor or send us an email for a distributor nearest you.

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