Urea vs. Amino acids. What is my best option?

Recently, the agricultural sector has faced a shortage of urea, which is one of the most used fertilizers in the industry and one that you have probably used in your crops.

There are several factors that have created this shortage throughout 2022, such as the high cost of energy and gas (raw material for fertilizer), as well as internal problems that caused the reduction of the production of this fertilizer in China and Russia.

Because of all this, it is very difficult to find urea today, and its costs have risen greatly.

But don’t worry. Today, we will talk about our amino acids, their benefits, and differences between them and urea.

Urea is a solid inorganic fertilizer that is produced commercially from ammonia and carbon dioxide, with a nitrogen concentration of up to 46%. It is one of the most widely used fertilizers on the market since it can also be used as a pre-fertilizer and does not increase the salinity of the water, but it has several disadvantages:

  • Urea is apolar, therefore its efficiency decreases in the drip irrigation system.
  • Generates changes in the PH of the soil.
  • Generates a high concentration of ammonium, which affects the absorption of cations, such as potassium.
  • It is not compatible with calcareous soils.
  • It is unstable so it can easily decompose and release ammonia and carbon dioxide.
  • If urea contains more than 2% impurities, it cannot be used as a fertilizer, as it would be toxic to the crop.

Ferti-Organic’s amino acids

Compared to urea, Ferti-Organic’s amino acids are organic and have concentrations of up to 80% amino acids and short-chain polypeptides, which help crops absorb nutrients.

Amino Acids are a plant-based soluble powder made from soy protein.

Thanks to its concentration of plant nitrogen, it is ideal for nitrogen-deficient crops.

Our amino acids are quick-release, so they allow for fast absorption and metabolization of the plant.

Advantages of Ferti-Organic’s amino acids

  • They do not cause burns on the tip of the plants, unlike other sources of synthetic nitrates or ammoniacal nitrogen.
  • They supply vegetal organic nitrogen, peptides and amino acids.
  • They greatly improve the transport of minerals.
  • They do not affect your fields or the environment
  • Thanks to enzymatic hydrolysis that produces a smaller particle size, the 45%, 60% and 80% amino acids offer highly soluble nitrogen.


As you can see, Ferti-Organic’s amino acids have multiple benefits for your crops, so don’t worry about the shortage of urea and improve your crops naturally. Learn about all the benefits of our products and order your amino acids today.