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Ferti-Fulvic Plus

Ferti-Fulvic Plus

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Ferti-Fulvic Plus

Ferti-Fulvic Plus contains our highest concentration of Fulvic Acid (90%).Ferti-Fulvic Plus is a plant biostimulant with diverse substances to enhance plant growth. Fulvic acidsare soluble in both alkali and acid media and are low in molecular weight. Given their small molecular size, fulvic acids can pass through the micropores of biological membranes.

Fulvic acids have greater total acidity, greater numbers of carboxyl groups, and higher absorption and cation exchange capacities. Fulvic acids chelate nutrients such as iron and move them and other micronutrients through membranes.

Humic and fulvic acids can interact with soil nutrients and elicit physiological responses in plants, contributing to plant growth and, in some cases, to better management of abiotic stresses.

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50 lb bags/boxes, 2,200 lb pallets or 1,225 lb super sacks.

Benefits include:

  • bulletEnhances plant immunity for better stress management
  • bulletAccelerates the production of nucleic acids
  • bulletEnhances photosynthesis and respiration
  • bulletPrevents NPK nutrients from leaching
  • bulletIncreases total cationic exchange and improves aeration
  • bulletFerti-Fulvic Plus offers a higher concentration than Soluble Fulvic Acid

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