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Rock Phosphate

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Rock Phosphate

Phosphorus is crucial for enhanced crop and plant development. We proudly have one the highest grade organic-approved rock phosphate source available. It contains 28% total P2O5, 30% calcium, plus a full spectrum of other minerals (S, Fe, Mg, K, Si, Zn, etc.) More phosphorus in less volume results in easier handling, lower application rates and costs.

Available in 50lb bags
Choose from crumble for economic broadcast applications; granulated or fine-milled for special purposes, or micronized for drip and fertigation systems

We offer -100-mesh  and -350-mesh micronized powder in order to tend to your unique needs.

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50 lb bags

Benefits include:

  • bullet Rock Phosphate helps trees and plants in energy transfer, root development and photosynthesis.
  • bullet Helps prevent discolored leaves and stunted growth.
  • bullet Helps trees reach maximum flower and fruit development.
  • bullet When applied, Rock Phosphate not only provides short-term phosphorus but also helps sustain long-term soil health and crop growth.

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