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Ferti-Neem Oil

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Ferti-Neem Oil

Neem Oil is a highly pure, cold extracted oil from organic neem kernels. The oil is extracted through a temperature-controlled process with zero ingredient loss. Neem Oil is very effective against insecticide-resistant pests but does not harm beneficial insects.

Neem Oil has one of the highest contents of Azadirachtin in the market and works by inhibiting the development of immature insects.

EPA Reg. No.: 93771-1-97462

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20 l jugs or 200 l drums.

Benefits include:

  • bullet Increases root growth and improves drought resistance
  • bullet Activates many enzyme systems
  • bullet Maintains turgor
  • bullet Reduces water loss and wilting
  • bullet Produces grains rich in starches
  • bullet Helps retard crop diseases

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