Your reliable organic
fertilizers source

Ferti-Organic’s complete line of high-quality, natural
raw materials and soil enhancers for farmers,
blenders, formulators and agriculture companies.


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Ferti-Organic will be back at the
Organic Grower Summit 2021.
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Ferti-Organic is part of MYCSA Group, from Brownsville, TX,
a leading global supplier of bulk organic fertilizers, raw materials,
solutions and other products for organic growers and the organic
agriculture industry.

Our natural fertilizers enrich the soil and give crops
easier access to nutrients

Ferti-Organic products cover all the needs of organic agriculture.
offering a complete line of natural raw material for agricultors,
distributors, formulators and agricultural companies that share our
commitment to protect the environment.

Quality, service and punctuality are our speciality.

Our philosophy is to deliver the highest quality of products, with on time shipments and competitive prices, always providing the best customer service experience.

Natural, safe and effective.

Our products repel effectively pests and insects and help
you grow delicious and natural foods, free of harmful

Ferti-Nitro Plus

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Soluble Seaweed

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Soluble Fulvic Acid

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Soluble Humic Acid

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Ferti-Fulvic Plus

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Super K

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Mycorrhizae Ultrafine

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Mycorrhizae Ultrafine

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California CDFA

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Oregon Registered

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Our Story
was launched
in 2010

To satisfy the growing demand for the natural raw materials that make organic growing possible.

Since then and despite the great competition in the country, many agricultors, distributors and formulators have chosen us for the high quality of our products, affordable prices and for our company’s commitment to quick and attentive customer service.

We pride ourselves on delivering materials approved by the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) and are OMRI Listed (Organic Materials Review Institute) allowed for use in certified organic operations under the USDA National Organic Program.

Ferti-Organic, Inc.

3010 JCS Industrial Drive
Brownsville, Texas 78526